The Very Life

The very hand pierced by my sin
Has touched my very soul
That very hand has reached within
To touch and make me whole

The very side pierced just for me
Is where He holds me near
His great forgiveness I can see
His caring voice I hear

The very arms that held the cross
Now hold me every day
And those strong arms that know no loss
Protect me in my way

The very head that wore the crown
Has turned to look at me
As long ago He once looked down
While hanging on that tree

The very eyes that cried for me
Have seen inside my soul
The very One Who set me free
Once died to make me whole

The very life that that came to die
In death gave life to me
For only Christ could justify
This sinner He set free

©November 26, 2017


Help me see like Jesus

God, help me see like Jesus
And all my thoughts renew
For when I see like Jesus
Your will is what I’ll do

I’ll see the world as needy
I’ll see the needs of man
I’ll share your answer simply
To fill needs is your plan

I’ll see the world as hurting
I’ll see the pain within
I’ll share my Heavenly King
To free them from their sin

I’ll see the world as looking
To find the Source of joy
I’ll share my life-giving Spring
That no man can destroy

God, help me see like Jesus
Help those that hurt see You
First help me see like Jesus
Then show me what to do

©November 4, 2017

Thank You for my parents

I thank you for my parents
And that they guided me
Without my guiding parents
Oh Lord, where would I be

They guided by example
That’s something I could see
I saw by their example
That I could like them be

I heard the words of wisdom
And slowly they sank in
I learned how loving wisdom
Could keep me far from sin

But beyond my eyes and ears
My parents prayed for me
Through those many anxious tears
They prayed on bended knee

So now more than just parents
An example for me
They have become grandparents
So more can watch and see

I thank you for my parents
And that they guided me
Without our guiding parents
Oh Lord, where would we be

©November 23, 2017

Time and Toys

There are some words that men won’t say
Afraid these words will come there way
Service and sacrifice are two
That men run from, but won’t run to

Their time and toys are just enough
For them alone, they earned their stuff
Why give away their time and toys
Why give away their life and joys

There was a King that long ago
Came from His throne that He might show
To earthly man the way of love
To show the heart of God above

This King, He came to serve mere man
The Servant King, with servant plan
Service alone would not suffice
So He became our sacrifice

So many claim to serve this King
They clap their hands and to Him Sing
They live like Him, or think they do
But time and toys, they tell on you

©November 11, 2017

Why We’re Here

In every heart that comes today

Lord have your will and have your way

Speak Lord, from your heavenly throne

Come make our hearts your very own

We ask that every heart may see

The beauty of your majesty

We ask that every heart will sense

Love found only in your presence

We ask that every heart will hear

Your loving message loud and clear

We ask that every heart will know

Your mighty love on earth below

We ask that each new life will touch

Someone who loves You very much 

We ask that we might be the one

Who leads a lost one to your Son

So, Master meet us here today 

Come have your will and have your way

May all who come sense You are near

For You alone are why we’re here

©October 15, 2017

Start at Calvary

My heart feels it can wait no more

It aches for those who Truth ignore

They hear the Truth but walk away

They choose a new god to obey

They take the God of heaven above

Then throw Him out, yet keep His love

They want to feel that all is well

So out they toss, eternal hell

They take the joy of heaven too

Pretend it’s theirs in all they do

They claim a peace they do not know

Their empty smiles tell me so

They love God’s good and gentle way

But then His Truth they won’t obey

They love forgiveness and His grace

Repentance though, they won’t embrace

But on they go each day past me

Their eyes are blind, they cannot see

They will not hear nor do they care

And that is why I cry this prayer

Use me Oh Lord along the way

To turn a life to You today

The Light and Life You gave to me

For them can start at Calvary

©October 14, 2017

No Merit

Amazing grace that You chose me

And called me to Your family

I stand amazed and here rejoice

For Your most loving gracious choice

It’s by no merit found in me

But only grace that You chose me

At last, from sin I find release

For You give freedom, joy and peace

No greater joy can mortal know

While living on this earth below

Than in this life to know your Son

And comprehend what He has done

Lord touch a life through me today

Please give me grace to share your way

May others know your grace through me

Then through your grace from sin be free

©October 1, 2017

My Joy, His Will

What joy there is in worship

To kneel before my King

To share with Him my pleasure

To lift my voice and sing

No place on earth is greater

Than where I meet my King

Than where I meet my Savior

Than where to Him I sing

This earth though full of sorrow

This earth though full of pain

This earth though full of sinners

My joy cannot restrain

My cup is overflowing

My cup He’ll always fill

My cup for others flowing

To share my joy, His will

©September 16, 2016

Where truth and love reside

So many go through life 

In search of truth and love

But most are looking down 

Not looking up above

And many things they see

They touch, they hold, they get

But none are truth and love

Just one more sad regret

There only is one place

Where truth and love reside

In God’s own precious Word

Where man is satisfied

The Truth came in the flesh

The Word became a man

For Love was who He was

God’s Son, the rescue plan

We now can go through life

Knowing God’s Truth and Love

Keep your eyes on Jesus

And all things up above

©July 30, 2017


Marvelous mystery

Your precious selfless love for me

Is vaster than the greatest sea

No greater love can ever be

Than what You chose to give to me

My Savior and my Guarantee 

All started back at Calvary

In that dark place I bent my knee

And there was from my sin set free

Glorious joy You give to me

For more than from my sin set free

Your love is mine eternally

It is mine now, will always be

A Father and a Friend to me

A love so great, how can it be

That I am now a son to Thee

What a marvelous mystery

©July 14, 2017