Memories of time 

Time ticks away in seconds

Soon seconds make a year

Years become a memory

As moments disappear

Eternity is different

No seconds will tick there

Yet the memories of time 

Will still be everywhere 

The memories you carry

To your eternal place

Which will you joy in sharing?

Or from your mind erase?

Now, will be a memory

Tomorrow at this time

Eternity stands waiting 

A constant pantomime 

As time is slowly ticking

And passing all away

What is it that you’re doing?

Eternally today

©July 1, 2017

Sing with me

Sing with me my brothers

Sing to our God with me

Sing for joy in Jesus

The One who set you free

Sing with me my sisters

Sing to our God in praise

Sing and join our chorus

To God your voices raise

Sing with me my children

Sing as you see me sing

Sing and I will lead you

Your praises to God bring

Sing with me all people

Sing on this earth with me 

Sing with joy forever

To God eternally 

We have a song to sing

So with us sing along

In each heart God has placed 

An everlasting song

©June 25, 2017

The joy of Truth

The Truth I daily carry

So many do not know

No, it’s not for me alone

It’s mine to others show 

The Truth came down from heaven

To dwell in hearts of men

The truth dispels all darkness

A light where none has been

Not only gone is darkness

But light and life He brings

With death and darkness banished

My heart now freely sings

The joy of Truth in living 

The joy of Truth in me

The joy of Truth who changes

For Truth has set me free

The Truth I daily carry

Is Truth that carries me

One forever with the Truth

Now He and I are we

©June 18, 2017

Of all You give to me

Only an earthly steward 

Of all you give to me

Not just of time and money

But life and energy

A steward of this body

And what it’s made to do

I’ll guide it and I’ll teach it

To follow only You

I’m a steward of the love

That flowed from Calvary 

Daily fill me with that love

So it will flow from me

A steward of the message 

Sent through your only Son

Is now my heart’s main message

I’ll share with everyone 

I’m a steward of the trust

That You have placed in me

I’ll be your trusted servant

That’s what I want to be

Then as an earthly steward

Of all You give to me

Good and faithful are the words

One day I’ll hear from Thee

©June 17, 2017

My heart is full of praises

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

You touched my heart and healed it

And cleansed it from all sin

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

For Your mighty work of grace

Where can My thanks begin?

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

Your Word, it fills me daily

Each day I there begin

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

Your mercies new each morning

Where can my praise begin?

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

I’ll praise You every morning

With joy invite You in

©June 11, 2017

You are the Great Provider

You are the Great Provider

You are so good to me

You know each and every need

For all of them You see

You are the Great Provider

Your love fills up my heart

The greatest gift you’ve given

With which I’ll never part

You are the Great Provider

Your joy fills every day

Your joy brings satisfaction

When I have walked your way

You are the Great Provider

Your peace surrounds my life

It touches other people

My friends and kids and wife

You are the Great Provider

You fill my every need

And once again I thank You

This sinner that You freed

June 6, 2017

In tears and faith we often sow

In tears and faith we often sow

For what we plant we know will grow

A day will come when we will reap

There in the joy of fulness weep

In fear and faith we often sow

We do believe but want to know

Yet we can never understand 

For that one seed what God has planned

In peace and faith you now can sow

Our God above works here below

For He will watch each seed you plant

And make it grow, He can, you can’t 

In prayer and faith you can sow

But God alone will make it grow

Water each seed right from the start

Then watch the Father do His part

In patience and in faith you sow

You know that little seed will grow

Keep all your expectations real

Soon harvest joy is what you’ll feel

©June 4, 2017

My heart, it sings with joy

My heart, it sings with joy

When I obey your Word

When deep inside I choose 

The truth that I have heard

For when I can not see

And I have lost my way

It’s by your Word You guide 

What I do, think or say

Then when the darkness fades

Into the light You shine

I see that what You gave

Is now all truly mine

Often in the darkness

My faith will start to shake

But what You give to me

By faith I reach to take

Lord strengthen me today

Give me great trust in You

Help me in faith to walk

And see what You will do

©June 3, 2017

Real wisdom

Real wisdom flows from heaven

To those on earth who ask

He gives it to us freely

For each and every task

He knows that we need wisdom

He knows that ours won’t do

He joys in giving wisdom

For His is real and true

We have so many choices

Today and every day

Guided by His wisdom 

We’ll always find our way

Our choices may be many

Our choices may be few

Our choices need His wisdom

For only His will do

So ask today for wisdom

Then use what He gives you

You’ll find that you’ll be wiser

And see His blessing too

©May 27, 2017

I joy in Your abundance 

I joy in Your abundance 

The kind I cannot see

The kind that shows Your goodness

And shows Your love for me

I joy in Your abundance

The kind I know inside

The kind that flows eternal

The kind that’s deep and wide 

I joy in Your abundance

Of power, peace and love

The kind that flows from heaven

The kind from up above

I joy in Your abundance

Deep within my soul 

The kind that fills my longings 

The kind that makes me whole

I joy in Your abundance

The kind from Your own hand

The kind that lasts forever

Not made of stone or sand

©May 20, 2017