Look into the eyes
Of the eyes that look at you
Some are sad and weary
Some are green but blue

Back behind those eyes
Is a person just like you
They struggle with their feelings
Just the way you do

Somewhere deep inside them
Is a person who needs you
Don’t walk away and leave them
That’s not the thing to do

Their eyes are reaching outward
They’re calling out to you
Now, how will you help them
Now, what will you do

Stop and look and listen
To the people in your life
It could be friend or neighbor
It could be kids or wife

Stop and see the person
And reach behind their eyes
Touch the very soul of man
And see for what he cries

You have the only answer
They’ll ever need to know
For Jesus is the answer
To Him they need to go

So when you look into a man
And reach behind his eyes
Touch his soul and let him know
It’s Christ for him who cries

See how tenderly our Savior
Now looks at you and me
So when you look at others
May Christ be who they see


©November 8, 2015


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