As I walk the paths of life, I see so many men
They talk of God, but live a lie, right in the devils den
They look and act like Christians, inside so full of rot
The very thing they act like, is exactly what they’re not

By the bells of heaven, or by the smoke of hell
Turn these men from evil, so You with them can dwell
They cover up their ears with hands and close their sightless eyes
And then they try to run and hide from their own painful cries

In silly desperation, in their pain and in their fear
They speak words of repentance, empty and insincere
With spinning head, and crying eyes and with a pounding heart
These men are always seeking, but clueless where to start

God call these men, and wake them up, from their life of sin
Show them very clearly, how in You, new and true life can begin
And show each one just how to step, from death right into life
Teach them how to live and walk in peace and not in strife

©December 31, 2015


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