Safe and Free

I was bound to evil, by the tightening cords of sin
My light was only darkness, I was dark within
The only joy I found, was running from my pain
And life was nothing more than simple temporal gain

The cords of evil wrapped around my dark and weary soul
For I was born in sin, and still under its control
There was no hope for me, no never to be found
Then my Jesus found me, and my cords of sin unwound

Now I’m free from evil, and its awful dark domain
Forever with my Jesus, He my Savior will remain
No more can the cords, of evil bind my soul
Jesus has released me, I am free from sin and pain

Safe with my Great Savior, this He promised me
Now my life is His, now evil can’t touch me
So while I’m here and living, then someday up above
I am bound to Jesus by the gentle cords of love

©January 3, 2016


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