The Road

Conviction comes to each alone
To each a story, all his own
God reaches down, to touch a man
With truth and light, we know He can

There is a road, on which men walk
But few with God, will ever talk
Each man himself, will strive to please
Until he meets God, on His knees

That moment when, he hears His voice
That moment when, he makes a choice
That moment when, his life is changed
Eternity is rearranged

In that moment, fear melts away
In that moment, night turns to day
In that moment, slave turns to son
In that moment Christ has won

The joy of knowing, Christ as King
No greater joy can this life bring
Restored, forgiven, all is new
Man now can see what’s right and true

Convict my heart oh Lord I pray
Find Thou in me, no wicked way
Let me forever hear Your voice
May You in me, always rejoice

©December 21, 2015



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