It is so difficult to walk

It is so difficult to walk
I’d rather sit, I’d rather talk
Walking, running what a pain
Can they really bring me gain

Can’t I rest and sit a while
You can run another mile
As for me, I’d rather sit
Watch you exercise a bit

I’m not made quite like you
To do the things you like to do
I can get from here to there
If between there is a chair

Life is difficult enough
I keep away from all that stuff
Exercising can’t be good
If it was, you know I would

God I hope you understand
I can’t do much without a hand
Someone else can help the weak
I’d rather only to them speak

So Father, help the very weak
May strength and health they really seek
Just let me sit and rest awhile
I’ll doze a bit, you run a mile

©January 18, 2016


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