Heaven’s gates

Heaven’s gates will open wide,
When time on earth is done,
We will shout, and jump and sing,
And into heaven run,
What joy awaits the faithful ones,
Who gave their all for Him,
New life, new world, new everything,
The old will fade and dim.

Now light and love and happiness,
Will never go away,
The King has here invited us,
And here we are to stay.
No more days of toil and pain,
No more fight with sin,
Only days of righteousness,
Of glory, now begin.

The King will know us face to face,
And face to face we’ll talk,
He’ll show us what He’s planned for us,
His heavenly home we’ll walk,
Our sacrifice, our work on earth,
A gift for our great King,
And as we serve Him in His home,
What joy to us will bring.


©January 14, 2016



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