The Gift

The gift was never opened
It sat sadly on the chair
The giver was excited
But no one seemed to care

It was that kind of gift
A book, or clothes, not toy
The fun ones were all opened
They were there all to enjoy

This gift it sat unopened
Avoided by the rest
The giver was still welcome
A very special guest

The gift it sat for ages
Avoided every day
The giver was still welcome
With the gift He chose to stay

One day the gift was opened
The giver had a smile
This gift would now be useful
The toys sat in a pile

This gift it was from heaven
A treasure gift to man
No other gift was like it
It brought to life a plan

It was a gift just fitted
For this very one
A gift that was so useful
From God’s own very Son

The gift was to be useful
Each and every day
With each and every person
One met along the way

Is your gift unopened
Is it sitting on the chair?
Open it and use it
That’s why God put it there

©January 14, 2016


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