Wrong bus

I saw a line of people, standing at the gate
Each inquired sincerely, have I arrived to late?
The workers all assured them, they would all be well
The buses would be leaving, and miss the coming hell

I noticed in the busy line, some buses that seemed strange
The workers promised anything, to anyone in range
The people in their hurry, didn’t seem to care
Another bus with all their friends, escaping all despair

I noticed that these buses, were up on blocks of wood
The buses couldn’t leave, even if the people could
The line of buses went, as far as I could see
And many of the buses, were parked as parked could be

The people were all smiling, happy on the bus
The workers kept them happy, so they wouldn’t make a fuss
The people kept on smiling, thinking life was really great
But all of them were clueless, they would never leave the gate

The coming hell would greet them, and they never would escape
Their coming shock and terror, would suddenly take shape
Theology and obedience, will guide us to our gate
So, know the bus you’re riding, before its all to late

©January 14, 2016


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