Romans 1

A slave of Christ, and something more
Bought by Him, who I adore
Called out from those, the slaves of sin
Called by Christ, now my own Kin

A called out saint, from sin so dark
Called by grace, to peace impart
There is great joy, in knowing those
Who walk on this, the path we chose

A witness, you will always be
Bless others, as they watch and see
Grow in your faith, and gifting too
Use your gift, as you should do

Gospel, for our violation
Power of God, to salvation
His righteousness, revealed to man
Through Christ came, this mighty plan

Man’s poor excuse, to turn from God
With mans own foolishness, is flawed
No praise or thanks, to God he’ll give
Apart from God, condemned to live

The list of sin, that man gets in
It is to long, to list again
The list is long, and so evil
He sins and gives, sin’s approval

So child of God, new life possess
Keep far away, from all this mess
The path of sin, leads straight to hell
Just look at man, can’t you tell?

©January 23, 2016


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