Glory, glory, to the Father
Glory, glory, to the Son
Glory, glory, to the Spirit
Forever God, Three yet One

Praises, praises to the Father
Praises, praises to the Son
Praises, praises to the Spirit
The Great and Mighty, Glorious One

Thank You, thank You, thank You Father
Thank You, thank You, thank You Son
Thank You, thank You, thank You Spirit
Forever, for the things You’ve done

Grace and peace, to us was given
By the Father, through the Son
Each of us, who was forgiven
Spirit life, has now begun

With our voices, now we praise Thee
God of Love, and God of Light
With our voices now we thank Thee
For all You do is good and right

©February 29, 2016


Bask in His light

There is a land that waits for me
Filled with all beauty, majesty
A place, so wonderful and bright
That every thing will look like light

And no more struggle or despair
Will follow me, or us, up there
Just free to walk with God alone
Sit at His feet, before His throne

He will smile at us and say
He watched us every single day
He saw our joys and sorrows, too
But He was there to help us through

Oh what a joy to know that we
Each did the best that we could see
To know He was our daily Guide
Was always there, right by our side

So in the grind of life on earth
Refocus on eternal worth
Think now on things of God above
Bask in His light and know His love

©February 27, 2016

Come Back

How do we challenge, one like you
To do the things, that you should do
To serve, to sacrifice and give
And for the Master, daily live?

Men today, please hear God’s Word
To all the things, that you have heard
His Word remains, His Word to you
His Word alone, is life anew

If from His Word, you walk away
The coldness, of your heart will stay
Do not expect, warmth by His side
For you ran off, and now you hide

Come out, come back, repent to Him
Come to His light, from darkness dim
Come know the joy that He will give
To those with Him, each moment live

God’s Word to you, is for today
It’s come back home, and with Me stay
Don’t ever leave, and you will see
My Word of life will set you free

Now free to live, and act like Me
Be like My Son, like Jesus be
In all the things, that you should do
My Spirit, will empower you

©February 26, 2016

The Great Escape

You made a way for every man
A great escape was Your plan
Through the Son that You did send
You made a way for life to end

For some their lives will end in death
Life on earth, of mortal breath
Their lives of sin, the payment due
Eternally, apart from You

For some their lives will end in life
Apart from toil, pain and strife
The mortal man breathes Spirit air
Eternally with You, up there

The great escape, it starts right here
Salvation and escape are near
You offer every man a way
To enter heavens plan, today

So as I walk to journey’s end
Those that need You, to me send
I will explain the plan You laid
Escape to Life, salvation made

©February 25, 2016

Men of God Stop Hiding

Men of God are hiding
They hide from the foe
Men of God are hiding
They don’t know where to go

Men of God are hiding
Even from each other
Too weak, too frail to help
A weak, crying brother

Men of God are hiding
They’re hiding they don’t know
If one is a brother
Or if one is a foe

Men of God are hiding
They do not want to serve
Thought the way to heaven
Was joining it’s reserve

Men of God are hiding
But, everyone must fight
Every man God has picked
Is now His Royal Knight

Men of God stop hiding
Be men, be real, be true
Now charge ahead with Christ
He’ll show you what to do

©February 24, 2016

A Tenth

Tithing can be so hard to do
Who worked for this, them or you?
You have so many bills to pay
You can give, but not today

Should I give to the church today?
They all waste it anyway
I’ve got a better sense than they
They help people far away

Now all you have is just a gift
Blessing take, and blessing lift
It all comes from our God above
Given, shared, by His great love

So with a truly thankful heart
Give back your life, just a part
A tenth is not so hard to give
You can change the way you live

And tithing is but just a start
With an overflowing heart
Bring Him the tenth, and gifts of more
No longer seen as just a chore

You have a way to show your love
To your Father, up above
To him you gave your life to live
Why is a tenth so hard to give?

©February 23, 2016


Well, here I am again, today
Little time, yet much to say
But no more time to talk, You know
Quickly now, I’ve got to go

I know You want for me to fight
With heart, soul and all my might
But life down here is pretty hard
I can’t always be on guard

I know You want Your Word in me
To speak truth to all I see
But it’s awfully hard to say
Words that comfort takes away

I know You want for me to go
Love to weak and poor, to show
But all the things that I must do
Take my time, You know it’s true

I know You gave a gift to me
I must use it, I agree
But life and living drain me dry
I’ll use it, before I die

Now holiness is my desire
Come and set my heart on fire
But don’t remove my every sin
I don’t mind it when some win

So make more, each day like You
In all I say and see and do
But let me look like all the rest
My house, my car, how I’m dressed

So here I step into this day
You and me, now have Your way
But don’t expect to much from me
Just the mortal, You made me

©February 20, 2016

Oh Judas

Oh Judas, I must ask you why
You could walk with Christ, but lie
You stole, and cheated any man
Christ knew you, and knew your plan

You were so close, yet far away
You were there, but not to stay
The Christ would give, but you would take
He was real, but you were fake

Yes Jesus died, but so did you
He lives again, that is true
But Judas, you will miss Him twice
Once on earth, then paradise

How many men, will get so near
But His words, will never hear?
Their ears may hear, His gentle voice
But each will make, their own choice

So warn the ears, both far and near
Open up, and listen, hear!
Walk now His way, obey the Son
Walk with Him, in what He’s done

So do not miss, God’s very Son
Walk right near, the very One
Yet miss the reason, that He came
So your plans, won’t be your shame

©February 19, 2016

Hear Me

I see the flames of hell
Reflected in their eye
Men condemned to death
Eternally to die

Hear me, hear me friend
Wake up before you die
Hell is not the place
Eternally to lie

You are so close to heaven
Yet so very close to hell
Don’t you see the glimmer
Don’t you smell the smell

Wake up and see the Savior
Wake up, and call His name
To rescue us the sinners
Is why to earth He came

He is here to rescue us
Yes He is here to save
In Him is life eternal
To death His life He gave

Look up to Christ in heaven
Salvation He will give
For those who turn to Jesus
Eternally will live

©February 18, 2016

Thank You

Thank You Father, for your love
Which gave to us, your Son
Thank You for the gift of Love
Salvation, through The One

Thank You Father, for The Christ
The One, who set me free
The One who brought my pardon
And hung it on that tree

I thank You for Your Spirit
Who guides me every day
Who knows my every weakness
For me will always pray

Thank You for the written Word
A lamp unto my feet
It will always light my way
Until our faces meet

I thank You for the body
The people You set free
Each serving one another
In lives of ministry

I’ll thank You Lord in heaven
Someday before your throne
I’ll thank You with the others
That your Great Love have known

©February 17, 2016