Romans 12

I’ll serve You, as a sacrifice
Alive in You, and now born twice
I give the old, and take the new
From this day on, in all I do

Renew my thoughts, transform my mind
From earthly, to the heavenly kind
That I may prove, what’s right and true
Your will, Oh God, now mine to do

Please show me Father, how to serve
Help me to do, not just observe
To fit the place, You planned for me
So I can use my gifts, for Thee

Through grace I am, I speak, I serve
By faith, I will your Word observe
I’ll teach, I’ll lead, I’ll care, I’ll love
Through gentle power, from above

In diligence, I’ll serve each one
I’ll joy, endure, press on, till done
I’ll give, I’ll bless, I’ll cry with those
Who struggle when the trial blows

So overcome, the sinful man
Don’t pay him with, his payment plan
Touch Him with love, as Jesus would
Go win his heart, with Godly good

©January 25, 2016


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