Oh man, oh man, you wake and live
And passing time, no time you give
These fleeting moments, running by
And yet they never catch your eye

You chase the pretty things of youth
You do not care for things called truth
You run and run and think that time
Will never end your paradigm

Now you are young, and all is new
See, touch, hear, taste, it’s all for you
Or so you think, watch what you do
Or time will slip away from you

The race you run in time and space
Will slowly draw lines on your face
And just as quickly as time went
You’ll find you’re old, and tired, and bent

You’ll see that time caught up to you
Time soon will end, what will you do
Remember time is not a friend
It doesn’t care when it will end

There is no guarantee of time
So use it well, your paradigm
Time will flow to eternity
What will you take for God to see?

©February 4, 2016


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