The coin that hit the table
Had value to these men
It’s ring was what they wanted
And trade they would again

They traded words of value
At least to them, they were
The words were full of meaning
And value, they’d concur

They did not mention pride
But stroked it, oh so well
They smiled, traded coins
To the table, they all fell

They did not mention riches
But hinted of their wealth
They mentioned all the good things
Like wife, and kids, and health

They didn’t mention holy
But spoke of Godly things
As if they were connected
And wore some angel wings

The trading finally ended
And they all walked away
Was a good day of trading
Each one would later say

But all the things of value
From Heavens point of view
Were never even mentioned
And men that do are few

Next time that you are trading
Some words like others do
Stop and think of heaven
Then trade like God tells you

©February 6, 2016


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