Hear Me

You see the Word of truth so quick
But in your ears your fingers stick
Why do you like your sight so well
Deafness preferred, I will not yell

You don’t believe I talk today
I lost my voice along the way
Now only through My Scripture true
You see my truth, but nothing new

Are you afraid My words won’t be
Truth from My heart, am I not Me?
How can you say I can not speak
When others hear, even the weak

You ask me what to do each day
What should I do, I hear you pray
What school, what job, and when to sell
You ask it all, I answer well

Witnessing, missions, giving too
You ask, I say, what do you do?
Your fingers in your ears do go
No one hears God, you all should know

So if you do not hear My voice
Explain your every daily choice
You hear Me now, I know you do
But hear Me more, as I hear you

©February 13, 2016


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