Listen to Truth

To many preachers preach today
Not for God, but just for pay
They figure out what sells the best
“Come with cash, leave feeling blest”

They package it in such a way
Those who come, are led astray
They care about their words, it’s true
Words that bring them, revenue

The truth of God, now lie of man
Lies removed salvations plan
Instead it’s joy and love and grace
Sin, repentance not a trace

All offensive words are gone
You aren’t bad, you did no wrong
God forgave all men like you
Live your life, do what you do

Be happy, blest, and bring your dues
Bring your tithe, or you will lose
Come give to get, not sacrifice
Get a blessing, bargain price

These men that sell, the Word of God
Sell only death, life a facade
The only words, they have to sell
Bubble up from deepest hell

So listen not, to men who sell
For your end, will not be well
Follow the men, who speak no lies
Only truth, with no disguise

©February 16, 2016


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