Oh Judas

Oh Judas, I must ask you why
You could walk with Christ, but lie
You stole, and cheated any man
Christ knew you, and knew your plan

You were so close, yet far away
You were there, but not to stay
The Christ would give, but you would take
He was real, but you were fake

Yes Jesus died, but so did you
He lives again, that is true
But Judas, you will miss Him twice
Once on earth, then paradise

How many men, will get so near
But His words, will never hear?
Their ears may hear, His gentle voice
But each will make, their own choice

So warn the ears, both far and near
Open up, and listen, hear!
Walk now His way, obey the Son
Walk with Him, in what He’s done

So do not miss, God’s very Son
Walk right near, the very One
Yet miss the reason, that He came
So your plans, won’t be your shame

©February 19, 2016


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