Well, here I am again, today
Little time, yet much to say
But no more time to talk, You know
Quickly now, I’ve got to go

I know You want for me to fight
With heart, soul and all my might
But life down here is pretty hard
I can’t always be on guard

I know You want Your Word in me
To speak truth to all I see
But it’s awfully hard to say
Words that comfort takes away

I know You want for me to go
Love to weak and poor, to show
But all the things that I must do
Take my time, You know it’s true

I know You gave a gift to me
I must use it, I agree
But life and living drain me dry
I’ll use it, before I die

Now holiness is my desire
Come and set my heart on fire
But don’t remove my every sin
I don’t mind it when some win

So make more, each day like You
In all I say and see and do
But let me look like all the rest
My house, my car, how I’m dressed

So here I step into this day
You and me, now have Your way
But don’t expect to much from me
Just the mortal, You made me

©February 20, 2016


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