Duplicity, not one, but two
I am me, but not to you
You see the out, I see the in
You see the good, I see the sin

If I were one, you’d see it all
You’d see my sin, and not my wall
I know that others hide stuff too
Isn’t that what we all do?

But now in Christ it all has changed
My in and out is rearranged
And what you see is really me
From my other self, I’m free

Singular, is not two, but one
I’m one in purpose, as I run
I’m in a race to win my prize
To the challenge, I will rise

I left behind the old and bad
I do not want the life I had
From this day on, and evermore
I’m only one and nothing more

©March 30, 2016


My King

I know the King of ages
And He knows me, too
He is kind and loving
So faithful and so true

Incorruptible, my King
He does nothing wrong
He is just and perfect
No one is as strong

Not visible to mortals
But He is here with me
I can sense His presence
With my heart, I see

And wise beyond all measure
No one can compare
Guiding me with wisdom
Safely in His care

So, all honor and glory
To the King I give
Eternally in heaven
And right now where I live

©March 29, 2016

Stop playing church

Yes, playing church, is often done
And for these folks, it’s not much fun
They go do things, that churches do
That’s how to show, that you are true

They know the customs, how to bow
To look religious, no matter how
The hair, the clothes, the frozen grin
All part of how, it’s always been

They greet each other, like a club
The code words say, I’m ok bub
The new, feel out of sorts with those
The ones God picked, and then He froze

And some that really know the Lord
Use Bible words, that few afford
They talk of great, and mighty things
Stand up, sit down, then someone sings

They all go home, to come again
To come and bow, and talk like men
Another week, has come and gone
They’re back again, to sit and yawn

Stop playing church, and make it real
No, it may never be ideal
But help your church, to be the place
To know God’s people, see His face

©March 25, 2016


Blame is not my forte
Blame is not for me
Blame is just for others
From blame I am free

Sometimes others blame me
They are always wrong
They do not see correctly
Where it does belong

It can be a burden
Always pointing out
It is never my fault
That I never doubt

All these troubled people
Thinking I’m to blame
It is never my fault
I will always claim

It is always better
When others carry blame
For me it is to heavy
All its guilt and shame

So I’ll go on living
Just as I have done
Knowing you can’t blame me
But I’ll blame anyone

©March 28, 2016

The suit still fits

The suit still fits
That I once wore
To church and all
And far much more

It looks so nice
It moves so well
It smells real good
It’s old, can’t tell

It hangs on me
So perfectly
The fit, so good
It’s me, it’s me

Color, texture
And each line
Man it makes me
Feel so fine

And all my bumps
And ugly mess
Are covered up
By such finesse

I could wear this
Just once more
Then I remember
What it’s for

It was a special suit
To me
When I was once
A Pharisee

©March 26, 2016

To Live in Him

Those things above, I will seek
Of those things, I choose to speak
Dead to all, I was before
Alive to sin, I am no more

The sinful me, all he did
Is now a life, I do forbid
All the junk, of life is past
For to my Lord, I will hold fast

And what a change, God can do
Instead of me, I care for you
I love, I share, and I’m kind
These things my old life, could not find

More than this, in Him I find
He wrote a Book, to know His mind
So now I learn, more each day
To live in Him, to Him obey

His Word is rich, wise and true
Follow it, in all you do
Then, in every word or deed
You’ll glorify the Christ indeed

©March 18, 2016

Inconvenient directives

Inconvenient directives
Are not suddenly electives
When Christ the Savior tells me to
It’s not a choice, like one of two

Giving up my hard earned money
Is not a joke, not so funny
But all I have, I give to You
You too have things, You want to do

Giving up my time of leisure
To focus on my life’s pleasure
Again, You have some things to do
I’ll do the things, that please You too

Giving up my toys and treasures
These alone, my only pleasures
Then once again, I think of You
And all You left, to me pursue

Giving up, always hard to do
I once did give my all to You
Somehow I’ve taken some things back
So once again, keep me on track

Giving up my whole self to You
So much harder than my words knew
So help me listen, every day
All You direct, I’ll do Your way

©March 24, 2016

He is the Holy, Risen One

He is the Holy, Risen One
From God the Father, His own Son
Life seemed so right, death seemed so wrong
Condemned to death, by angry throng

Yet more than conqueror was He
His march through death was meant to be
First He conquered death and sin
Then He came back to life again

Then He returned to heaven high
The mighty One, we glorify
For His work, for us is done
Salvation for us, He has won

Alone we die, eternal death
The moment we take our last breath
But now through Christ, and Christ alone
We have access to God’s throne

To think that God, would send His Son
To do the mighty things He’s done
For you for me, He came and died
Yet now He sits, by Father’s side

He daily intercedes for you
And watches you, in all you do
With power, you will conquer sin
Live in Christ and you will win

And one day you will also be
Transported to eternity
But with your Father you will dwell
For you Christ conquered, even hell

©March 23, 2016

The world is lying

The world is lying, is lying to you
You must speak back, with what is true
It will deceive, twist every word
Speak the truth, and speak undeterred

Truth in your hand, must be held high
Truth is the way, to combat the lie
All men must hear, God’s truth to live
So to each man, truth you must give

Faith in your heart, must not be weak
In faith we stand, in faith we speak
In faith we move, against the foe
Faith in your heart, action will show

Words on your lips, flow from your heart
So from the truth, never depart
Don’t let the truth, mix with a lie
The hearers won’t live, they will die

So know the lie, that comes today
Speak back the truth, stand fast that way
Lies only come, to kill, destroy
Truth you bring, will bring only joy

©March 22, 2016

At peace with God

At peace with God, now not at war
No more fighting anymore
One Man died, to end the fight
In His death, He made things right

I know I should have been condemned
I am now instead God’s friend
What mercy and what grace that He
Would give His life, die for me

Not a skirmish and not a fight
But peace with God, my delight
He loves and guides me every day
Me, a man, who lived my way

And oh what joy, beyond compare
For one like me, He would care
This one who fought Him, cross and nail
Fought for me, and did prevail

At peace with God, now my delight
And peace to all, I invite
Yes, undeserved I know it’s true
Peace available to you

©March 21, 2016