The Seed

This may seem strange to you
Some men plant just any seed
But when the wrong thing grows
They expect the plant they need

Man will reap, just what he sows
A fact some won’t believe
A fact each person knows
But, to many, won’t receive

This of course makes sense to you
If you lie, and steal, and cheat
A messed up life, you will have
And one day, will justice meet

But people keep on buying
The wrong seed every day
Then they cry when it blossoms
For this seed I did not pay!

But time is just a teller
It will tell its tale on you
And all the things you’ve planted
Tell no lie but say what’s true

So as you go out sowing
Please don’t do as others do
Go and plant the proper seed
In time, you’ll get what’s due

©March 5, 2016


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