Achan, a man, like sinners today
Let his lusting heart, lead him astray
He knew of the ban, on silver and gold
It was clear to him, what he had been told

Then in the moment, of desire he fell
No one knew, and no one would tell
He buried his stuff, where no one would look
But God was looking, and saw what he took

Achan acted, like life was just fine
But, God knew Achan, was way out of line
God pointed from heaven, at Achan the man
Here is the one, who neglected the ban

Achan was taken, with all that he had
His family, his stuff, now Achan was sad
Then in a moment, Achan was dead
The sin he had sinned, now fell on his head

We think of Achan, as a fool of a man
For taking pleasure, in things of the ban
But sin will look, delightfully good
Even to men, who live as they should

So when you hear, that God has said no
Do not think, He won’t see where you go
He sees you in all, that you ever will do
Obey Him today, to Your Father be true

©March 9, 2016


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