Run for Jesus

I now know the righteous Savior
Who came to earth, for fallen men
Who moved on this earth, with power
Who from His death, did rise again

In the fellowship, of suffering
I’ll be conformed, to Him, till death
I will choose, to be like Jesus
Until my last, my dying breath

Yet I know, I am not perfect
But to obtain, I will pursue
And to be like Christ, my Savior
His will on earth, for me, I’ll do

Reach ahead, and run for Jesus
Now run the race, don’t look behind
Pursue the goal, He has given
What you were made for, you will find

Now a citizen, of heaven
And with our Savior, at the gate
Then transformed, into His likeness
Where our Great Prize, for us does wait

©March 13, 2016


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