Proclaim the Truth

Christ in me, the hope of glory
This has been the old, old story
For me He came to earth to die
But rose again to live on high

This story is so great and true
That He would die, to live in you
This is a story, so divine
Once told to me and now it’s mine

Proclaim the Truth and do not fail
For this Christ came, to Truth unveil
Without Truth, without the story
Men will never see His glory

Warn every man who is deceived
The truth of God he’s not received
The path he follows leads to hell
This is the truth you need to tell

Teach all the men who come your way
Teach them the Word and how to pray
And walk with them, in truth and love
As you have learned from God above

Present each man, God will give you
Present each one, complete and true
In wisdom be their example
Be of Christ a taste, a sample

Of Christ alone, tell the story
And the riches of His glory
So each and every single day
Share the story along the way

©March 16, 2016


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