The world is lying

The world is lying, is lying to you
You must speak back, with what is true
It will deceive, twist every word
Speak the truth, and speak undeterred

Truth in your hand, must be held high
Truth is the way, to combat the lie
All men must hear, God’s truth to live
So to each man, truth you must give

Faith in your heart, must not be weak
In faith we stand, in faith we speak
In faith we move, against the foe
Faith in your heart, action will show

Words on your lips, flow from your heart
So from the truth, never depart
Don’t let the truth, mix with a lie
The hearers won’t live, they will die

So know the lie, that comes today
Speak back the truth, stand fast that way
Lies only come, to kill, destroy
Truth you bring, will bring only joy

©March 22, 2016


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