He is the Holy, Risen One

He is the Holy, Risen One
From God the Father, His own Son
Life seemed so right, death seemed so wrong
Condemned to death, by angry throng

Yet more than conqueror was He
His march through death was meant to be
First He conquered death and sin
Then He came back to life again

Then He returned to heaven high
The mighty One, we glorify
For His work, for us is done
Salvation for us, He has won

Alone we die, eternal death
The moment we take our last breath
But now through Christ, and Christ alone
We have access to God’s throne

To think that God, would send His Son
To do the mighty things He’s done
For you for me, He came and died
Yet now He sits, by Father’s side

He daily intercedes for you
And watches you, in all you do
With power, you will conquer sin
Live in Christ and you will win

And one day you will also be
Transported to eternity
But with your Father you will dwell
For you Christ conquered, even hell

©March 23, 2016


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