Inconvenient directives

Inconvenient directives
Are not suddenly electives
When Christ the Savior tells me to
It’s not a choice, like one of two

Giving up my hard earned money
Is not a joke, not so funny
But all I have, I give to You
You too have things, You want to do

Giving up my time of leisure
To focus on my life’s pleasure
Again, You have some things to do
I’ll do the things, that please You too

Giving up my toys and treasures
These alone, my only pleasures
Then once again, I think of You
And all You left, to me pursue

Giving up, always hard to do
I once did give my all to You
Somehow I’ve taken some things back
So once again, keep me on track

Giving up my whole self to You
So much harder than my words knew
So help me listen, every day
All You direct, I’ll do Your way

©March 24, 2016


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