Stop playing church

Yes, playing church, is often done
And for these folks, it’s not much fun
They go do things, that churches do
That’s how to show, that you are true

They know the customs, how to bow
To look religious, no matter how
The hair, the clothes, the frozen grin
All part of how, it’s always been

They greet each other, like a club
The code words say, I’m ok bub
The new, feel out of sorts with those
The ones God picked, and then He froze

And some that really know the Lord
Use Bible words, that few afford
They talk of great, and mighty things
Stand up, sit down, then someone sings

They all go home, to come again
To come and bow, and talk like men
Another week, has come and gone
They’re back again, to sit and yawn

Stop playing church, and make it real
No, it may never be ideal
But help your church, to be the place
To know God’s people, see His face

©March 25, 2016


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