Stuck on surface levels

People like the outside
And dress it up real nice
Their homes, lives, and faces too
And hope that will suffice

Stuck on surface levels
No deeper than the skin
Becomes a trap so sticky
That most stay stuck there in

Get below the surface?
Then what if they do too?
If they peeled back your surface
Then man, what would you do?

There are people out there
Who cause no hurt or shame
But if they never help you
You’ll always stay the same

It is so much easier
To smile and be real nice
But never say a single word
Or give and take advise

Stuck on surface levels
These men walk every day
But never take a single step
That’s deep in any way

Lord, help these men to know
The walk of life is deep
That treasures lie just below
Treasures they can keep

©March 31, 2016


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