Say and do

If what you say and what you do
Don’t agree, then you’re not true
Not true to God, not true to man
Change your ways now, while you can

When words and actions don’t agree
You think that others will not see
How silly, senseless, when you walk
A different way, than how you talk

Others look and think you strange
They wonder why you will not change
But somehow words, they comfort you
No matter what you go and do

There is a problem, you must see
It’s not the way, that things should be
Your actions, are what tell on you
Your words confuse, but they’re not true

God looks upon your actions man
That is the only way He can
Your actions speak beyond your word
To think they don’t is quite absurd

But if you choose to go your way
God won’t accept the words you say
And when you get to heavens gate
You’ll understand, but then, too late

©April 10, 2016


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