You are my Light

I quickly rise in early morn
Sleep slowly from my body torn
The darkness of the day ahead
Sprinkles life with fear and dread

Yet my waking eyes can see
A glimmer, and the sun will be
Soon shining bright as every day
Then I will see and go my way

The sun is not my only light
There is a Son, far more bright
He brings to me a heavenly light
Calls me from earth’s double night

Man can break earth’s temporal night
With man made things that bring him light
But in man’s dark eternal night
Only God can give him light

So quickly raise us to our feet
With joy we come to You and meet
Your light will push all fear away
Your light will bring us inner day

The sun outside, the Son within
With joy, I now, my day begin
You are my Light, show me the way
Guide me through another day

©May 5, 2016


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