Manipulation, what a sin
That many people jump right in
Controlling all of those they touch
And claiming still to love them much

Manipulation takes away
The other’s choice to God obey
Manipulation controls choice
And gives the other’s little voice

It reaches in to get its way
It knows exactly what to say
No other choice will it allow
And to its will you must bow

Manipulation seeks its own
It’s will it wants and it alone
It may smile and act so sweet
It’s goal, your service, at it’s feet

It cannot serve it’s self and God
Yet many men don’t think this odd
They seek to use you for their gain
Control of you, they must maintain

Manipulation destroys man
Removes each person from God’s plan
Then puts each man in it’s control
Would gladly take his very soul

This conflict every man must fight
To do for others what is right
So know your place, and know your role
Go lead them into Gods control

Don’t let yourself get in your way
But show them how to God obey
And guide each man to God’s control
He doesn’t hurt, He makes men whole

©June 20, 2016


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