Christmas Song

Christmas, our reminder
Of that day so long ago
When Jesus came to earth
That we His love might know

The day that angels sang
As sheperds watched by night
The Father sent His Son
To darkness as a Light

The Father shed a tear
Of joy and sadness too
He knew all that His Son
Had come to earth to do

Christmas we remember
Jesus as baby child
Remember why He came
Sinners He reconciled

So this Christmas season
Should last you all year long
As now you live in Light
And know the Christmas Song

©November 24, 2016


Great White Throne

There is a throne both great and white
Where our Great King will judge what’s right
There no soul can escape His wrath
His court will end each sinners path

For here each sinners path will end
God will to hell each sinner send
What a great tragedy for man
To miss salvation, Gods own plan

When will you speak or share God’s heart?
And to a sinner truth impart?
For if you wait til judgment day
There will be nothing you can say

Now here we have both time and place
To share with others God’s great grace
Reach out and share with God’s own love
So they can live with Him above

©November 22, 2016

Your Will

I do not ask You God
That You would come to me
But that I see Your face
So I can run to Thee

My greatest joy is this
To walk each day with You
To be holy and true
And do what You would do

If in me others see
Reflections of Your face
I pray they look to You
To see and touch Your grace

So guide me Lord today
To be more like Your Son
I want to be like Him
The Victorious One

So call me Lord each day
I’ll listen to Your voice
I’ll run to You and pray
Your will, will be my choice

©November 21, 2016

Ancient of Days

Great King of glory, Ancient of Days
We come to Thee, The One we praise
With lips we sing, and hands we raise
To Thee our King, Ancient of Days

You are the Way, the only Door
You are the One whom we adore
Our hearts will kneel and bow before
Your throne Great King forevermore

You are our life our joy our peace
You bring each captive sweet release
You will one day cause sin to cease
What blessing King in Your increase

You are the King who reigns on high
Yet choose to guide all who come nigh
Your name Great King we magnify
Through us your kingdom multiply

©November 13, 2016

One day

One day the land and sea will shake

While people cry and people quake

The sky man knew will roll away

While people hide from judgment day

The mountains will all move around

While people seek for safer ground

The islands of the sea will move

While people can’t their fear remove

The light will not shine down on man

While people hide just where they can

The end has come for sinful men

While people call their god again

But those who know the King of Kings

The One to earth this judgment brings

They each and all rejoice to see

The end of time, eternity

© November 8, 2016

Oh Lord

Again, Oh Lord to Thee I cry
Majestic Lord of all
For this dark, needy world I’m in
My voice I lift, I call

Please touch the world through me today
One person at a time
May each one hear Your voice today
Clearly as they hear mine

May every deed reflect Your grace
As I share truth and love
May each one feel Your touch today
Touched by heaven above

May Your great glory shine through me
May I reflect your grace
May each one sense Your glory Lord
Reflected in my face

Yes, Mighty Lord I cry to Thee
Please work through me today
Bring love and light, power and might
To those I touch, I pray

© October 21, 2016

My Redeemer

My Redeemer and my Friend

You are my all in all

You are my King, so I bring

My worship as I fall

On my knees before Your throne

I worship Thee today

May I truly worship Thee

In all I do and say

Hold my heart within Your grip

In all I do this day

May it be a pleasant place

For You to dwell today

May each person that I meet

Know You are on the throne

May they know that I am Yours

I walk but not alone

When the evening has come

When sunlight fades away

May it end as it began

With You, my Friend, I pray

© October 16, 2016


It’s very overwhelming

What Christ has done for me

He came to planet earth

To die to set me free

Yes, maybe for a great man

Or child small and weak

But no, he came to save me

This lost man he did seek

He found me in my lostness

No, Him I never sought

He had paid the sinners price

Salvation He had bought

I gave my life to Jesus

Repented of my sin

Then Jesus came into me

And now He lives within

I daily walk with Jesus

And He walks with me

My life is oh so different

Since Jesus set me free

© October 15, 2016


Slip back into His presence

Anywhere you can today

Turn from all your struggles

Kneel your heart and pray

Remember He is with you

Remember He does care

And anywhere you are

He is always there

Others may not notice

As you lift your heart to sing

But in those special moments

It’s you and your Great King

He wants to spend those moments

Throughout the working day

He loves those special moments

When you bow your head to pray

He loves those special moments

When you turn your face His way

He loves those special moments

Any time of night or day

Spend some special moments

With your King alone today

You’ll find that life is better

When you talk along the way

© October 15, 2016


Lord , when my heart is full of pain

My joy, Oh Lord begins to drain

Please hold me closer Lord today

And guide in all I do and say

Oh Lord, the pain seems way too much

Please take it all with Your kind touch

Sometimes the lessons frighten me

But I can’t see what You can see

When evil waters start to swirl

And howling winds begin to whirl

I place my hope and trust in Thee

And once again drop to my knee

This journey is so steep and long

It drains my strength and takes my song

So Lord please fill again today

This struggling, fainting heart I pray

Renew me, fill me, lift me up

And may I not reject Your cup

Then help me walk through all you’ve planned

While You and I walk hand in hand

© October 15, 2016