Heaven’s Gate

The line at heaven’s gate was long

And in the line stood weak and strong

They stood and waited patiently

Their turn would come, each one would pray

But as they neared the golden gate

They saw a Man who acted great

But this one Man they didn’t know

Was the reason the line was slow

They finally got to where He stood

They’d pass Him by now if they could

But sure enough He stopped each one

They had no clue He was the Son

He asked each one, “Do you know Me?”

Few knew this Man who held the key

“I know the King, just let me in”

Each person would again begin

“Just bring the King here to the gate,

Hurry, or it may be too late”

The Man He said, “I don’t know you”

“I’ll tell you now what you must do”

“Go through that gate,” the Man would say

Another gate, the other way

Sure enough, the man walked through

The ones he saw familiar too!

“For sure this must be heaven’s place!

I’ll meet my god, now, face to face”

That happened then that very day

His old god came, took him away.

© October 15, 2016


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