For men like me

Oh, Christ my King
How could it be
You’d come to earth
For men like me

Salvation’s plan
Brought You great pain
You knew it would
But saw the gain

You came for me
Who knew you not
You called my name
For me You sought

Can I believe
You care for me
That You would die
Upon a tree

That You would take
My sin away
And in its place
My debt would pay

I praise Your name
Again today
For You I live
And I obey

©January 30, 2017


Just in time

Go tell your friends of Jesus now
For just in time will God allow
For once you enter Heaven’s gate
Your time is done, it’s now too late

See far across the chasm wide
For those old friends you never cried
But now there’s nothing you can do
Though now your sad heart burns in you

You cannot span the great divide
For that the Christ already died
For only those who come through Him
Avoid eternal death so grim

How will you feel that fateful day
They’ll take your frantic friends away
To know you could have said a word
From you the truth they could have heard

What will you say to each today
Or will you turn your friends away
If you will change your paradigm
Then you can share, but just in time

©January 29, 2017

Set the stage

It seems so many leaders
Of the church in each age
Are never really leaders
Just men that seek a stage

They talk of God and heaven
They talk of man and sin
They know to talk of pleasures
To draw the people in

They have but one agenda
It’s not about the King
It’s all about their kingdom
And gifts the people bring

But one day King Eternal
Will stop the whole charade
His Son will come in glory
And reign on their parade

The Son will have His Kingdom
But they’ll have one as well
Each of them will have a stage
But one set up in hell

©January 28, 2017

Secret Fears

The secret fears of sinners
Are hidden every day
But secret fears of sinners
Will never go away

For deep inside their being
They know the wrong they do
They hope it stays a secret
That no one has a clue

But secret fears of sinners
Attack them every day
For sin, it has a bad side
And for it they must pay

The secret fears of sinners
Can right now go away
When the sin from which it grows
Christ takes from them today

Go now and tell your secret
Your sin, to Christ confess
Exchange the fears of sinners
And joy, not fear possess

©January 21, 2017

Forever Free

Forgiveness, such a freeing word
Brings joy and hope to all who’ve heard
That Christ the Savior came to man
To circumvent sin’s dreadful plan

Forgiveness through His grace divine
Such overwhelming grace is mine
Grace covers sin both great or small
And grace enough to cover all

Forgiveness makes our record clean
Our sin no longer has a lien
We have been set forever free
From sin and death by Calvary

And those who live in freedom now
Will not return to sin and bow
For sin had them condemned to die
Freedom from death sin can’t supply

So once upon a time gone by
You lived in sin, condemned to die
But now that grace has set you free
Leave sin alone and from it flee

©January 15, 2017

Follow me

Follow me, my Savior whispers
Come follow me again today
Others call me and I hear them
But, they don’t walk His holy way

Follow me, my Savior whispers
And in the noise of life I hear
Loving words He wants to tell me
His gentle, caring words are clear

Follow me, my Savior whispers
Come spend some time with me today
When we walk in sweet communion
I find a place I want to stay

Follow me, my Savior whispers
For you can know Him and His will
There is no better place on earth
Than with Him when life seems so still

Follow me, my Savior whispers
Come follow me again today
Walk the path that leads to heaven
And some day you can come and stay

©January 13, 2017


I’m not profound or perfect
I’m just an ordinary man
Seeking to serve my Savior
Just to live within His plan

I know that He has saved me
From myself and from my sin
He gives me daily power
Over both I daily win

In His Word He daily speaks
To my heart, that seeks to hear
The love and truth commingled
Those things that He holds dear

What joy to sit and listen
As it were, before His feet
As I stare deep in His Word
The eyes of our souls meet

For my heart it must respond
To my Savior every day
For He always takes the time
To guide me in my way

©January 7, 2017

The cross of Calvary

My Savior took a walk for me
The painful walk to Calvary
The cross he bore was meant for me
He bled and died upon that tree

Oh wretched cross of sin and shame!
The man held there should have my name!
How can the One who knew no sin
Die for mine, yet somehow win?

Deep in the shadow of that cross
I see my gain and not my loss
He paid for all my sin and shame
Not with mine, but His Great Name

The darkest day this earth has known
Was when He died for man alone
But then He rose up from the grave
Finished was His plan to save!

And now the cross of Calvary
Is joy for man and joy for me
For as he breathed His last in death
He breathed in me eternal breath

©January 7, 2017

A paradox

My King came as a servant
A paradox, a plan
The King came here to serve us
In Him both God and man

And now He calls us children
The children of the King
But we will have no servants
Service is what we bring

For we will be like Jesus
And serve the world His way
If He is our example
In all we do and say

It seems so very backward
To have a servant King
But as our Savior Servant
He could salvation bring

So as you serve your Savior
Serve men as He would do
For when you’re serving others
Men see the King in you

©January 1, 2017


Clean is a beautiful feeling
When Christ cleans up your soul
For He will complete the cleaning
Every part of the whole

The scent of clean is breathtaking
God’s favorite scent for man
That was the scent in the garden
When time and earth began

Man was God’s crown of creation
His joy formed from the earth
Dirt in the shape of a human
Creation’s greatest worth

The scent of the rose with beauty
Fields in colors of bloom
Not one like man as God made him
Earth’s crown and earth’s perfume

Clean is a beautiful feeling
When Christ cleans up your soul
And He feels it more than you do
Give Him cleaning control

©December 31, 2016