Faith like my father

Faith like my father, place in me
The faith that comes from knowing Thee
Fill me with all that faith can give
Teach me to live as faith would live

Help me to reach across that line
Where flesh can reach a place Devine
Where I can see with heaven’s eyes
And where Your will I can realize

Father the faith like men of old
Please grow in me and make me bold
I want to serve, to see and do
Exactly what You want me to

Through faith in You please fill my heart
With joy and strength that You impart
Beyond the view of mortal man
Open my eyes to Your great plan

May I, dear Father, walk like those
Who from their lives faith overflows
Help me to pass this faith You give
To those who after me will live

©February 27, 2017


My all

My Lord and my Savior
Redeemer and Friend
Messiah, Creator
Beginning and End

My strength in my weakness
My joy in my tears
My calm in the battle
My safety in fears

My power for living
My way in the night
My truth without error
My life beyond sight

My love beyond measure
My hope evermore
I worship You Jesus
And You I adore

©February 25, 2017

Your victory

Thank you Father for your Son
Who for us the victory won
And thank you for your Spirit too
For He empowers all we do

Please place your flame within my heart
Your Holy Spirit now impart
Ignite my soul with heavens fire
That I might serve and never tire

Please Holy Spirit guide each day
That I may always go your way
Open my eyes that I might see
The path of life you have for me

Please give me Spirit words to share
So people know You really care
And may my words be clear and true
That I might guide the lost to You

Fill me now with Spirit power
Every minute, every hour
I choose today your victory
For I will win with You in me

©February 21, 2017

Again today

I come and bow
Before You King
I haven’t much
That I can bring

My life I give
To You today
In all I do
Or think, or say

The gift of life
To me You gave
You walked through life
Then through the grave

The gift of life
You’ve given me
You paid in death
Upon a tree

What You have done
I can’t repay
I’m glad it’s free
Again today

©February 19, 2017

Love one another

Love one another
My new command to you
Love one another
I ask you now to do

Love one another
Like I love each of you
For only My love
Is real, is good, is true

Love one another
And all the world will see
You, My disciples
Are really just like Me

Love one another
And those that see will know
Love straight from heaven
For that’s the love you’ll show

Love one another
Go out and love today
Glorify My Name
In all you do and say

Love one another
My new command obey
When you live in love
Then I am on display

©February 12, 2017

I see

I know I was blind
But now I can see
And I know the One
Who did this for me

He, the Messiah
One sent from above
Came with compassion
And touched me with love

What wonder, what joy
What rapture is mine
To see in the Light
My Savior Devine

What more can I do
But to bow and serve
The One who would touch
Those who don’t deserve

So I lift my eyes
To You and I sing
Your worship and praise
Messiah and King

©February 8, 2017


The people saw and heard
The Savior of mankind
Yet most did not believe
Their eyes and hearts were blind

He spoke to them the truth
Yet never did they hear
They heard the words He said
But not with spirit ear

They claimed to hold the truth
And wanted nothing more
Yet there He stood and knocked
On every man’s heart door

Few opened to the Truth
Few men would let Him in
Few saw the Savior’s heart
Few understood their sin

So here we are today
Two thousand years men die
And still the Savior knocks
And deaf men pass Him by

©February 7, 2017

Thank You

Thank You for Your forgiveness
Father through Your Son
Thank You for Your forgiveness
It’s not what I’d have done

Thank You for Your forgiveness
Your mercy and the cross
Thank You for Your forgiveness
My gain became your loss

Thank You for Your forgiveness
For saving men like me
Thank You for Your forgiveness
For life through Calvary

Thank You for Your forgiveness
For freedom every day
Thank You for Your forgiveness
For guiding me your way

Thank You for Your forgiveness
For joy that freedom brings
Thank You for Your forgiveness
My heart forever sings

Thank You for Your forgiveness
I’m thankful here today
Thank You for Your forgiveness
Forever I will say

©February 5, 2017


Overwhelmed by Your goodness
Overwhelmed by Your great love
Overwhelmed by Your Presence
Overwhelmed by thoughts above

Overwhelmed by Your leading
Overwhelmed by Your great way
Overwhelmed by Your caring
Overwhelmed again today

Overwhelmed by Your teaching
Overwhelmed by Your great Word
Overwhelmed by Your patience
Overwhelmed by all I’ve heard

Overwhelmed by You, Father
Overwhelmed by Your dear Son
Overwhelmed by Your Spirit
Overwhelmed by what You’ve done

©January 31, 2017