My King

My King, You came from heaven
To live a life like mine
Amazing transformation
A mortal so Divine

Why would You, King of glory
Come here to earth for me?
It’s hard for me to fathom
It’s hard for me to see

What love beyond all measure
Far deeper than the sea
Far higher than the heavens
Your love for men like me

What joy beyond all measure
To live as one set free
To know my sin’s forgiven
Now and eternally

For only You could save us
No man could set us free
To You my King from heaven
I bow on bended knee

©March 26, 2017


Heavenly Dove

Come Holy Spirit
Come from above
Rest on Thy servant
Heavenly Dove

Fill me with power
Power to win
Power to triumph
Over all sin

Lead me in choices
Lead every thought
Lead me in living
As You have taught

Give me great wisdom
Give me great love
Give me your presence
Heavenly Dove

©March 25, 2017

What man can know?

What man can know what God will do?

In His Devine design

He knows the pattern He will make

Each mark, each dot, each line

Yet we as men His hand would stay

And think our thoughts Devine

Then mark the pattern He would make

God’s plan we could refine?

Your thoughts and plans beyond my mind

Forever more will be

So I as man, do bow my head

And ask that You guide me

I will not question Your design

Creator of mankind 

Heaven’s pattern I will follow

And trust what You’ve designed

©March 23, 2017

Don’t run away

When earthly struggles come your way

Don’t run, don’t run, don’t run away

No, run instead to God alone

Who faithfulness to you has shown

He cares for you and knows your way

He’ll always be your hope and stay

He doesn’t leave when life is sad

Or when you’re feeling hurt or mad

He is still there and calls your name

He is forever just the same 

He’ll not forsake the one He knows

Or give him over to his foes

Trust weary soul, yes trust in Him

When life is dark and eyes are dim

Run now to God and God alone

He hasn’t gotten off His throne

©March 18, 2017

Open their eyes

Open their eyes Lord

Open their eyes

They cannot see Thee

Open their eyes

Turn them from darkness

Into the light

Turn them from darkness

Give them their sight

Help them to follow

All of your ways

Help them to follow

All of their days

Turn them from evil

Turn them from lies

Turn them to Thy truth

Give them new eyes

Make them all holy

Make them all wise

Make them all loving

Give them new eyes

©March 17, 2017

Dirty feet

Please cleanse my dirty feet

Again My Lord I pray

Please cleanse my dirty feet

Again My Lord today

I do not like to ask

I’d rather walk away

But when You see my feet

I do know what You’ll say

So here I am again

I walked the road today

I’ll lift my dirty feet

You’ll wash the dirt away

What joy and sadness too

While on this earth I stay

You’ll have to wash my feet

Today and every day

One day on streets of gold

My feet won’t go astray

I’ll walk with my feet clean

And clean is how they’ll stay

©March 15, 2017

Until I reach your shore

I worship You, I Am
Here now before Your throne
I can’t completely grasp
Your greatness here alone

Greater than I can think
Greater than I can know
Greater than I can speak
Greater than I can show

Beyond my distant thoughts
Beyond what men conceive
Beyond what lips can speak
Beyond what men believe

Thank You for your wisdom
And thank You for your Word
Thank You for Jesus Christ
Who spoke to men who heard

I worship You, my Father
I seek to know You more
Keep filling up my heart
Until I reach your shore

©March 13, 2017

Blessed Savior

What a blessed Savior
Who does much more than save
He frees me from my sin
To which I was a slave

He teaches me His ways
To think and live what’s true
By His Holy Spirit
Empowers me to do

I do not work alone
My Savior works with me
Always leading, guiding
In living truly free

I joy in what He’s done
And what I know He’ll do
I can really trust him
In all He takes me through

Yes, He is my Savior
But really far much more
I cannot imagine
What heaven has in store

©March 11, 2017


Your sky has opened up on me
Your blessings now for all to see
For Heaven’s stores have opened wide
Your blessing God I cannot hide

The fruitful season now is here
Your blessing on me very clear
Your bounty flows like living streams
So far above my mortal dreams

You fill my heart with food and joy
And give me what man can’t destroy
No man can ever take away
The love You show to me each day

Amazed at what You do each day
For me this man of dirt and clay
I sometimes can’t believe it’s true
That for me all these things You do

I joy in our communion sweet
I bow, I worship at your feet
You give and give and give me more
I trust in what You have in store

©March 5, 2017

A Gift

A Gift came down from heaven
A Gift still here today
A Gift called our salvation
That some men throw away

That Gift was more than priceless
A life for it was paid
And men who see the value
Their life for it will trade

This Gift is more than temporal
This gift is for all time
It also is eternal
It’s deaths new paradigm

The ones who take salvation
Will never ever die
Their bodies may be buried
But they will live on high

The Gift is being offered
Today and every day
And some men will accept it
Some throw the Gift away

©March 4, 2017