My heart is full of praises

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

You touched my heart and healed it

And cleansed it from all sin

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

For Your mighty work of grace

Where can My thanks begin?

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

Your Word, it fills me daily

Each day I there begin

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

Your mercies new each morning

Where can my praise begin?

My heart is full of praises

For there You dwell within

I’ll praise You every morning

With joy invite You in

©June 11, 2017


My Lord and King

I write to You my Lord and King

My words, my heart to You I bring

My greatest joy is when I write

When my words bring You delight

For I am yours and yours alone

I joy in kneeling at your throne

I sense your love and care for me

I’m overwhelmed the more I see

You have no equal, never will

Your presence all this world could fill

Your power far beyond all men

But yet You stop to read my pen

You Great King have called my name

A man so simple with no fame

And now you call me as a son

All because of what You’ve done

I write to You my Lord and King

And more and more these words I bring

Yet words alone cannot suffice

So hear my heart, my sacrifice

©April 25, 2017

No other greater

I come into your presence

Oh Great and Mighty King

There is no other greater

Of which this world could sing

You are the Great Creator

The Maker of mankind

There is no god that’s greater

This world could ever find

You are the Great Redeemer

Who sent His only Son

There is no ransom greater 

He our salvation won

You are the Great Restorer

The One who gives much more

There is no One that’s greater

Who has so much in store

You are the Greatest Father

To all who come to You

Never will one be greater

And that I know is true 

©April 14, 2017

Lord here I am again

Lord here I am again

My King on bended knee

I bow my heart again

My Lord take all of me

Now once again I give

All that I am and do

A gift so very small

But just enough for You

I give You all I have

I give You all I’ll be

I give You all my love

Like You gave You for me

I give my life today

To serve before Your throne

I want to do Your will

And not to seek my own

Yes I will give to You

But as I go my way

I will remember this

You’ve given me this day


©April 10, 2017

My King

My King, You came from heaven
To live a life like mine
Amazing transformation
A mortal so Divine

Why would You, King of glory
Come here to earth for me?
It’s hard for me to fathom
It’s hard for me to see

What love beyond all measure
Far deeper than the sea
Far higher than the heavens
Your love for men like me

What joy beyond all measure
To live as one set free
To know my sin’s forgiven
Now and eternally

For only You could save us
No man could set us free
To You my King from heaven
I bow on bended knee

©March 26, 2017

Heavenly Dove

Come Holy Spirit
Come from above
Rest on Thy servant
Heavenly Dove

Fill me with power
Power to win
Power to triumph
Over all sin

Lead me in choices
Lead every thought
Lead me in living
As You have taught

Give me great wisdom
Give me great love
Give me your presence
Heavenly Dove

©March 25, 2017

Until I reach your shore

I worship You, I Am
Here now before Your throne
I can’t completely grasp
Your greatness here alone

Greater than I can think
Greater than I can know
Greater than I can speak
Greater than I can show

Beyond my distant thoughts
Beyond what men conceive
Beyond what lips can speak
Beyond what men believe

Thank You for your wisdom
And thank You for your Word
Thank You for Jesus Christ
Who spoke to men who heard

I worship You, my Father
I seek to know You more
Keep filling up my heart
Until I reach your shore

©March 13, 2017

These worn hands

Lord bless the work of these worn hands
For they have served in many lands
I lift them up in joy to You
For serving You is what they do

I see them worn and calloused too
I know they bring great joy to You
For every wrinkle, line and scar
A story holds from near and far

Your hands display a story too
Your hands show man what love will do
Your story is by far the best
For by it all the world was blest

My story small, Your story great
Our stories though don’t separate
My hands are yours again today
May my worn hands, Your hands display

So bless my hands with joy today
A story write again Your way
May these worn hands see use again
In serving You, by serving men

©March 3, 2017

Here I am again today

Here I am again today
In this place I like to pray
In Your Word You speak to me
Speak again my only plea

I must hear your voice today
Before I go on my way
Time with You renews my heart
As another day I start

So I reach deep in Your Word
Touching many things I’ve heard
Help me hear and see and do
For Your Word is good and true

I will carry all You give
As this day for You I live
I want to walk your good way
Come now, go with me today

©March 2, 2017

Faith like my father

Faith like my father, place in me
The faith that comes from knowing Thee
Fill me with all that faith can give
Teach me to live as faith would live

Help me to reach across that line
Where flesh can reach a place Devine
Where I can see with heaven’s eyes
And where Your will I can realize

Father the faith like men of old
Please grow in me and make me bold
I want to serve, to see and do
Exactly what You want me to

Through faith in You please fill my heart
With joy and strength that You impart
Beyond the view of mortal man
Open my eyes to Your great plan

May I, dear Father, walk like those
Who from their lives faith overflows
Help me to pass this faith You give
To those who after me will live

©February 27, 2017