Romans 13

Authority, was put in place
By God, for the human race
Without which man, could not exist
Yet all men seem, to it resist

Put in place, for me and you
So good could thrive, and people too
Punish evil, or praise the good
Mans governments, for this have stood

Honor, tribute, and taxes too
Now give to each, what each is due
The government, works not alone
Authority’s from God, on loan

The law of God, fulfilled in love
Is not from man, but from above
The law of God, comes to restore
Owe love and to man, nothing more

Cast off works, that sins invite
And put away, all things of night
Put on the armor, of the light
Clothed in Jesus, go in His might

©January 31, 2016


Romans 12

I’ll serve You, as a sacrifice
Alive in You, and now born twice
I give the old, and take the new
From this day on, in all I do

Renew my thoughts, transform my mind
From earthly, to the heavenly kind
That I may prove, what’s right and true
Your will, Oh God, now mine to do

Please show me Father, how to serve
Help me to do, not just observe
To fit the place, You planned for me
So I can use my gifts, for Thee

Through grace I am, I speak, I serve
By faith, I will your Word observe
I’ll teach, I’ll lead, I’ll care, I’ll love
Through gentle power, from above

In diligence, I’ll serve each one
I’ll joy, endure, press on, till done
I’ll give, I’ll bless, I’ll cry with those
Who struggle when the trial blows

So overcome, the sinful man
Don’t pay him with, his payment plan
Touch Him with love, as Jesus would
Go win his heart, with Godly good

©January 25, 2016

Romans 11

God always has a remnant
A people who are true
And for them He is calling
By grace a remnant new

Some appear to see and hear
But this they cannot do
Enslaved to death and darkness
Sins slumber gets its due

Remnant one and remnant two
Have now become one tree
Grafting only God could do
Through Christ on Calvary

For the men in number one
Looked ahead for the Christ
But in remnant number two
Our Lamb, the Sacrificed

Disobedience has captured
Yes, every single man
Mercy is now needed
To enter heavens plan

Two remnants now are grafted
Into a holy tree
The tree on which our Savior died
The one on Calvary

©January 21, 2016

Romans 10

Having zeal, for right and wrong
Won’t mean to heaven, you belong
Heavens gates, will open wide
To those in Christ, to sin have died

Those who now, confess Him Lord
By Him alone, are now restored
And those whose hearts, now believe
Will His salvation, now receive

Those who call, on Christ are saved
From very good, to so depraved
Those who preach, the Gospel true
Are beautiful, in all they do

And all who hear, through God’s Word
Will hear by faith, by faith have heard
The voice of man, speaks today
The Christ will always be The Way

©January 19, 2016

Romans 9

What an offer, Christ has made
With His life, our ransom paid
Few men choose, to hear His voice
But He lets man, make that choice

He as Potter, we as clay
What can mortal ask or say?
To the Maker of mankind
Who are we, to know His mind?

Pray for vessels, made for wrath
God please intersect their path
Pour out mercy, vast and free
May they grasp, Calvary’s tree

Gods glory through, mercy pours
In our hearts, faith opens doors
Riches of, His glory given
To sinful man, now forgiven

©January 19, 2016

Romans 8

Jesus came, from up above
From His Father, full of love
To speak His truth, to do His will
And every word, of God fulfill

By the Truth, we are set free
Not just you, and not just me
But all who follow, in His Word
Disciples who, His voice have heard

Those who listen, those who hear
Walk in truth, and have no fear
Of dying in their sins, and lies
Knowing that in Him we’ll rise

The Father glorified the Son
When He for all salvation won
He is for us the Sinless Lamb
He is for us the Great I Am

©January 18, 2016

Romans 1

A slave of Christ, and something more
Bought by Him, who I adore
Called out from those, the slaves of sin
Called by Christ, now my own Kin

A called out saint, from sin so dark
Called by grace, to peace impart
There is great joy, in knowing those
Who walk on this, the path we chose

A witness, you will always be
Bless others, as they watch and see
Grow in your faith, and gifting too
Use your gift, as you should do

Gospel, for our violation
Power of God, to salvation
His righteousness, revealed to man
Through Christ came, this mighty plan

Man’s poor excuse, to turn from God
With mans own foolishness, is flawed
No praise or thanks, to God he’ll give
Apart from God, condemned to live

The list of sin, that man gets in
It is to long, to list again
The list is long, and so evil
He sins and gives, sin’s approval

So child of God, new life possess
Keep far away, from all this mess
The path of sin, leads straight to hell
Just look at man, can’t you tell?

©January 23, 2016

Romans 7

The Law is lord, of those who live
Yet God to those, who die will give
A life in Him, that cannot die
And fruit, that will Him satisfy

Once bound to law, but now set free
Free to sin, may it never be
Now dead to sin, alive to serve
The King that will, my soul preserve

The Law exposed, my life of sin
Yet couldn’t cleanse me, deep within
I couldn’t keep, the laws He gave
He knew I would, never behave

Oh wretched man, that lived within
Could you ever, be free from sin
Thanks to the Christ, my blessed Lord
By His Spirit, has me restored

©January 16, 2016


Romans 6

May it never ever be,
That we who died, we’re not set free
Let not the one, who died to sin
It’s control, now live within

Dead to sin, but living now
Alive to God, no sin allow
To sin you have completely died
And now to God you’re justified

In heart and mind, and body too
Sin will not, reign over you
Righteousness, you now possess
Your deeds must match, what you confess

Each man will find, his own dear master
Watch and see what he is after
Those who chase their sin, find death
Those who follow Christ, His breath

©January 15, 2016


Romans 5

Peace with God, through Jesus Christ
His own life, He sacrificed
Love poured out, on those He bled
Life poured into, those once dead

Reconciled, to God in Christ
His life and death, both sufficed
By faith through grace, in Him we stand
Christ met the Law, and its demand

Once an enemy, of God
Destined, for His wrath and rod
Now a child, through His own Son
What He did, for us is done

Adam doomed, all men to die
Christ came, in death, to justify
Now we live, eternally
Righteousness, is Christ in me

©January 14, 2016