Real wisdom

Real wisdom flows from heaven

To those on earth who ask

He gives it to us freely

For each and every task

He knows that we need wisdom

He knows that ours won’t do

He joys in giving wisdom

For His is real and true

We have so many choices

Today and every day

Guided by His wisdom 

We’ll always find our way

Our choices may be many

Our choices may be few

Our choices need His wisdom

For only His will do

So ask today for wisdom

Then use what He gives you

You’ll find that you’ll be wiser

And see His blessing too

©May 27, 2017


I joy in Your abundance 

I joy in Your abundance 

The kind I cannot see

The kind that shows Your goodness

And shows Your love for me

I joy in Your abundance

The kind I know inside

The kind that flows eternal

The kind that’s deep and wide 

I joy in Your abundance

Of power, peace and love

The kind that flows from heaven

The kind from up above

I joy in Your abundance

Deep within my soul 

The kind that fills my longings 

The kind that makes me whole

I joy in Your abundance

The kind from Your own hand

The kind that lasts forever

Not made of stone or sand

©May 20, 2017

I want to look like Jesus 

I want to look like Jesus

Much more, much more each day

I want His mighty fingers

To shape my heart His way

I want to look like Jesus

Himself I represent

I want the ones who see me

To know that I was sent

I want to look like Jesus

So there is no mistake

I want to serve like Jesus

For Him, yet for their sake

I want to look like Jesus

In all the things I pray

I want my every word

To be the word He’d say

I want to look like Jesus

In every way, entire

I want to look like Jesus

It’s His and my desire

©May 20, 2017

The life I live

The life I live, I live in Christ

He gave His life for me

His life He gave, my death He took

Exchanged at Calvary

The life I live, I live in Christ

For I have died to me

To death I died, to life I live

From death He set me free

The life I live, I live in Christ

The old has passed away

The man I was, I am no more

He is my life each day

The life I live, I live in Christ

What joy and peace I find

For when I live the life He gives

I know His heart and mind

The life I live, I live in Christ

One day these days will end

And on that day Christ will say

Come in, you are my friend

©May 18, 2017

Inside and Out

Your love forever changed me

From the inside to the out

It continues bringing change

Those who know me have no doubt

I know my inner struggles

And I know all You have done

And I know the way I was 

Back before I met your Son

There’s joy in seeing changes

Deep within my darkened soul

As cleansing light from heaven

Makes me clean and makes me whole

I welcome all You’re doing

And I welcome all You’ll do

For every time You change me

It is good and right and true

For love You came to change me

In Your love to make me new

Through all the many changes

Inside and out, I love You

©May 9, 2017

My Lord and King

I write to You my Lord and King

My words, my heart to You I bring

My greatest joy is when I write

When my words bring You delight

For I am yours and yours alone

I joy in kneeling at your throne

I sense your love and care for me

I’m overwhelmed the more I see

You have no equal, never will

Your presence all this world could fill

Your power far beyond all men

But yet You stop to read my pen

You Great King have called my name

A man so simple with no fame

And now you call me as a son

All because of what You’ve done

I write to You my Lord and King

And more and more these words I bring

Yet words alone cannot suffice

So hear my heart, my sacrifice

©April 25, 2017

These words

These words all run together

But from them flows a thought

Amazing how God made us

What He alone has wrought

Our words can bring Him pleasure

Our words can bring Him joy

Our words can bring a smile

He can our words enjoy

Sit down and take a pencil

And write a note today

Tell Father that you love Him

Write it just your way

For He will understand you

And He will hear your heart

And you will joy in knowing

Your word to Him is art

He’ll hang it on His freezer

And read it with a smile

He’ll show it to the angels 

And love what you compile

©April 18, 2017

According to His plan

Our King was born a baby

And grew to be a man

Fulfilled all of Scripture

According to His plan

He came to be a Savior

He came as Guide to man

He spoke the truth in love…

According to His plan

He was unjustly punished

For every sin of man

He paid for every one…

According to His plan

He rose again from death

Surprising hell and man

Bringing resurrection 

According to His plan

Our King was born a baby

To die more than a man

He rose to bring us life

According to His plan

©April 16, 2017

Majestic Mighty Maker

Majestic Mighty Maker

Of land, of sky, of sea

Of stars that float in heaven

Of every galaxy

My Kind Creator King

What power You possess 

What goodness fills your heart 

What joy in those You bless

My Loving Living Lord

Who came to set men free

Who reaches out to men

Who reached to even me

My Sinless Servant Savior

Who stood to take my place

Who died to give me life

Who offered me His grace

The Glorious Grace of God

Has touched my heart and soul

Has given me new life

Has made my spirit whole

©April 14, 2017

No other greater

I come into your presence

Oh Great and Mighty King

There is no other greater

Of which this world could sing

You are the Great Creator

The Maker of mankind

There is no god that’s greater

This world could ever find

You are the Great Redeemer

Who sent His only Son

There is no ransom greater 

He our salvation won

You are the Great Restorer

The One who gives much more

There is no One that’s greater

Who has so much in store

You are the Greatest Father

To all who come to You

Never will one be greater

And that I know is true 

©April 14, 2017