I heard you again this morning

I heard you again this morning
As you read from My Holy Word
I saw you kneel in Worship
I loved all that I heard

I heard your joyful heart singing
Your joyful heart made My heart glad
I truly joy in your presence
The fellowship that we had

I too desire your presence
Just as you have desired Mine
Your love, glory and praises
To Me, are purely Divine

And I can see you far better
Than you can ever see Me
But one day, when face to face
My glory you will then see

I’ll see you again tomorrow
As you come seeking for Me
We will spend time in heaven
Some time in eternity

©April 30, 2016


The old is gone

Something old, has gone away
Something new, has come to stay
Priests of old, your work is done
Completed now, by God’s own Son

No more earthly gifts will do
No sacrifice, from me or you
One sacrifice, has done it all
Covered sin, both big and small

This Mediator, still serves man
Eternally, He will and can
He alone, can mediate
For sinful man, in fallen state

What joy for man, a better way
The promise, for each man today
Christ’s presence, now a place within
Our Priest, our sacrifice for sin

This Priest will walk, with you each day
And teach you, as you walk your way
The old is gone, the new is here
The new, far better, this is clear

©April 19, 2016

Far away land

There is a land, it’s far away
A lovely land, where night is day
In the Bible, this I once read
I’ll go someday, in years ahead

And in that special place, will be
All of my friends, and family
But most of all, the One who died
Christ Jesus, will be by my side

No sadness, crying, hurt or pain
No storms, or clouds, or even rain
No leaving, missing, any more
No fighting, killing, no more war

For only joy, and light are there
And only good, beyond compare
Also His rest, and bonds of peace
There songs of praise will never cease

There is a land, it’s far away
A lovely land, where night is day
The ruler of that land is King
I will, His praises, always sing

©April 11, 2016

The Sword

There is a Sword so very sharp
No other sword compares
It’s blade can cut between the soul
And spirit that it shares

This Sword, alive, yes living
It’s powerful and quick
Can even know the thoughts of man
Himself he’ll try to trick

And it always knows intention
In each and every heart
And even when the man himself
Can’t separate that part

This Sword sees deep within us
There’s nothing we can hide
For our lives are laid wide open
All parts identified

So let the Sword expose you
To you and to your God
With all things right within you
No need for a facade

©April 16, 2016

Lord help me, win my race

All the things, my heart desires
Come from You alone
You are my peace, my joy, my life
I kneel, before Your throne

Other things, that call my heart
Are less, than what I need
I turn again, to You my Lord
What You say, I’ll heed

There is no place, on this frail earth
Where heaven, can be found
For man to think, that this can be
He’ll search, the whole earth round

Only, in Your presence Lord
Is heaven, really found
For only in, Your presence Lord
To earth, I am not bound

Hold me close, and hear my heart
For You, can hear me best
Keep me close, and fill my heart
With all, that’s truly blessed

Until I step, before Your throne
And see You, face to face
Keep me focused, on the prize
Lord help me, win my race

©April 14, 2016

The King will sing

The King of Kings, He loves to sing
His heart, with music filled
Reflected, in the heart of man
By those, with music skilled

What wonder, that the King of Kings
Would make mere man, like Him
That He could be, in some real way
Enjoying, each man’s hymn

One day we’ll see, the King of Kings
Standing before His throne
We’ll see Him sing, and we’ll join in
No more to sing alone

What joy, what wonder, that this King
Looks forward, to His Bride
That soon, one day, with her He’ll sing
His bride, close by His side

©April 13, 2016

A more Excellent Name

A more Excellent Name
Than ever was told
The name of Jesus
The Savior, foretold

The Maker of ages
The Maker of man
The Maker of time
When this all began

The Father has spoken
Appointed Him Heir
Given Him glory
Beyond all compare

In essence, the likeness
Of Father above
In image, the likeness
Of visible love

His word has all power
Holds worlds all in place
He wove together
For us, time and space

But greatest of all
For man here today
Jesus saves sinners
And He made the way

©April 12, 2016

Say and do

If what you say and what you do
Don’t agree, then you’re not true
Not true to God, not true to man
Change your ways now, while you can

When words and actions don’t agree
You think that others will not see
How silly, senseless, when you walk
A different way, than how you talk

Others look and think you strange
They wonder why you will not change
But somehow words, they comfort you
No matter what you go and do

There is a problem, you must see
It’s not the way, that things should be
Your actions, are what tell on you
Your words confuse, but they’re not true

God looks upon your actions man
That is the only way He can
Your actions speak beyond your word
To think they don’t is quite absurd

But if you choose to go your way
God won’t accept the words you say
And when you get to heavens gate
You’ll understand, but then, too late

©April 10, 2016

Your gift

The gift in your hand
The gift in your heart
Is one that the Father
To you did impart

Take it and use it
The way that you should
It brings glory to God
His gifts are that good

You may be thinking
Your gift is to small
To insignificant
To use it at all

But God has given
This great gift to you
So take it and use it
Just see what He’ll do

If everyone used
Their gift once today
The world would be better
In every way

©April 9, 2016

Another day

Another night of life is past
Darkness into daylight cast
I wake to meet my Savior, Friend
And joy in the time we spend

I listen to His Word, to see
What today, He wants for me
His words are clear and simple too
But often seem so hard to do

In His great strength, I will go on
For often all of mine is gone
But, He in me, and I in Him
I’ll stand strong, to fight and win

Temptations, battles, painful things
People, trials, that life brings
Can often get my eyes off Christ
To my ways I’m then enticed

So as I spend my time today
I’ll listen, He has much to say
His words are clear and simple too
He will help, I’ll ask Him to

©April 8, 2016