Listen to Truth

To many preachers preach today
Not for God, but just for pay
They figure out what sells the best
“Come with cash, leave feeling blest”

They package it in such a way
Those who come, are led astray
They care about their words, it’s true
Words that bring them, revenue

The truth of God, now lie of man
Lies removed salvations plan
Instead it’s joy and love and grace
Sin, repentance not a trace

All offensive words are gone
You aren’t bad, you did no wrong
God forgave all men like you
Live your life, do what you do

Be happy, blest, and bring your dues
Bring your tithe, or you will lose
Come give to get, not sacrifice
Get a blessing, bargain price

These men that sell, the Word of God
Sell only death, life a facade
The only words, they have to sell
Bubble up from deepest hell

So listen not, to men who sell
For your end, will not be well
Follow the men, who speak no lies
Only truth, with no disguise

©February 16, 2016


The King

A King from heaven
To earth came down
The King of kings
But wore no crown

Born to a maiden
Fair and true
He was born
Like me and you

Shepherds, Angels
Wisemen too
Came to bow
What will you do?

He is the King
God’s own Son
Bring your gift
You have but one

Your gift is you
For you He came
His hearts desire
You wear His name


©December 15, 2015

Breathe on Us


Holy Spirit breathe on us
Your power from above
Your witnesses we then will be
Of your Almighty love

We’ll tell the world of Jesus
We’ll start right here at home
We’ll seek the brokenhearted
And bring to them shalom

We’ll touch the world for Jesus
We’ll touch each one your way
We’ll touch them like the Master
We’ll help and heal and pray

Our Master calls for workers
Right now, while there is day
Will you join the harvest?
Do what you can and pray?

Holy Spirit fill us now
Leave not an empty spot
May our lives be sharing Christ
With those who know Him not


©December 15, 2015


My Robe


I have a robe, so very white
It still shines in darkest night
To me was sent from up above
A garment sown in gracious love

It will last for eternity
This holy cloth of purity
I’ll never change this garment white
It’s great beauty is Gods delight

I’ll wear this robe while here on earth
My gift from God at my rebirth
With joy of heart and great delight
I am Gods child in heavens sight

What more can man desire than this
To know Gods love, His care, His kiss
Go tell the world of Gods great love
Tell them of the robe from above


©December 15, 2015



Why would the king of glory
Come down to earth for me
For that is what He chose to do
He came to set me free

He walked the paths of humankind
Although our God was He
He chose to walk with mortal man
To be like you and me

Yet this young man, the Son of God
Knew very well His end
His death, a step in His great plan
Salvation to extend

He rose again, the victor He
Extends to every man
A choice to walk in victory
Within His very plan

So rise my friend and walk with Him
Along this journey too
We’ll walk with Him to journey’s end
With likes of me and you


©November 18, 2015

Evil Grows

Evil grows in shadows
And slithers through the night
Some go out to find it
But not to with it fight

They seek their friend called evil
Not knowing all the pain
That evil has been planning
For this is his domain

Attract the man with evil
And get inside his head
Before he even knows it
His spirit will be dead

Dead until forever
Is all he wants for you
Dead until forever
An epitaph so true

Keep away from evil
Do not call his name
He only plans to hurt you
Your life he soon will claim

©November 13, 2015


There’s a joy in knowing Jesus,
That this world will never know,
Unless of course you tell them,
Will you get up and will you go?

This world is in need of Jesus,
For there is no greater need,
God calls us to be sowers,
And He gives us eternal seed.

Do you hear God calling your name?
If you can, what will you do?
Will you get up and call to others?
What would you want, if they were you?

There are many who are happy
As they follow Christ each day
But to truly joy in Jesus
You must touch the world His way

Share the joy of knowing Jesus
From now till your forever
Whether to your next door neighbor
Or far away in some wherever

©November 12, 2015


Look into the eyes
Of the eyes that look at you
Some are sad and weary
Some are green but blue

Back behind those eyes
Is a person just like you
They struggle with their feelings
Just the way you do

Somewhere deep inside them
Is a person who needs you
Don’t walk away and leave them
That’s not the thing to do

Their eyes are reaching outward
They’re calling out to you
Now, how will you help them
Now, what will you do

Stop and look and listen
To the people in your life
It could be friend or neighbor
It could be kids or wife

Stop and see the person
And reach behind their eyes
Touch the very soul of man
And see for what he cries

You have the only answer
They’ll ever need to know
For Jesus is the answer
To Him they need to go

So when you look into a man
And reach behind his eyes
Touch his soul and let him know
It’s Christ for him who cries

See how tenderly our Savior
Now looks at you and me
So when you look at others
May Christ be who they see


©November 8, 2015

The Airplane











There is a plane that’s parked upstairs
Within my attic space
It once sat in my father’s house
That used to be its place

But as with men, my father passed
And left for me a gift
It’s just a plane, a model one
Though small, gives me a lift

To see it there, parked all alone
Fills my heart with things gone by
That plane all wrapped in memories
I wish again could fly

But memories don’t come again
They’re just a place of mind
I like to touch them when I can
But just the happy kind

Sometimes I walk within my mind
Up to my attic space
And there I sit with memories
In my happy place


©November 4, 2015

Dear Memory

Dear past and distant memory,
I’ve come back for just a view
Of the things that I remember
Of the things that I once knew

I remember looking forward
To all the things ahead
Now I’m looking backwards
To things once thought and said

One great thought consumes me
The faithfulness of God
He has been so faithful
With both the staff and rod

He has been my Shepherd
To my very soul a guide
For spirit or for body
He always does provide

So now as I look forward
I know He’ll always be
My faithful Shepherd, Savior
He was, and is, with me

©November 3, 2015