Romans 10

Having zeal, for right and wrong
Won’t mean to heaven, you belong
Heavens gates, will open wide
To those in Christ, to sin have died

Those who now, confess Him Lord
By Him alone, are now restored
And those whose hearts, now believe
Will His salvation, now receive

Those who call, on Christ are saved
From very good, to so depraved
Those who preach, the Gospel true
Are beautiful, in all they do

And all who hear, through God’s Word
Will hear by faith, by faith have heard
The voice of man, speaks today
The Christ will always be The Way

©January 19, 2016


Romans 9

What an offer, Christ has made
With His life, our ransom paid
Few men choose, to hear His voice
But He lets man, make that choice

He as Potter, we as clay
What can mortal ask or say?
To the Maker of mankind
Who are we, to know His mind?

Pray for vessels, made for wrath
God please intersect their path
Pour out mercy, vast and free
May they grasp, Calvary’s tree

Gods glory through, mercy pours
In our hearts, faith opens doors
Riches of, His glory given
To sinful man, now forgiven

©January 19, 2016

Romans 8

Jesus came, from up above
From His Father, full of love
To speak His truth, to do His will
And every word, of God fulfill

By the Truth, we are set free
Not just you, and not just me
But all who follow, in His Word
Disciples who, His voice have heard

Those who listen, those who hear
Walk in truth, and have no fear
Of dying in their sins, and lies
Knowing that in Him we’ll rise

The Father glorified the Son
When He for all salvation won
He is for us the Sinless Lamb
He is for us the Great I Am

©January 18, 2016

Romans 1

A slave of Christ, and something more
Bought by Him, who I adore
Called out from those, the slaves of sin
Called by Christ, now my own Kin

A called out saint, from sin so dark
Called by grace, to peace impart
There is great joy, in knowing those
Who walk on this, the path we chose

A witness, you will always be
Bless others, as they watch and see
Grow in your faith, and gifting too
Use your gift, as you should do

Gospel, for our violation
Power of God, to salvation
His righteousness, revealed to man
Through Christ came, this mighty plan

Man’s poor excuse, to turn from God
With mans own foolishness, is flawed
No praise or thanks, to God he’ll give
Apart from God, condemned to live

The list of sin, that man gets in
It is to long, to list again
The list is long, and so evil
He sins and gives, sin’s approval

So child of God, new life possess
Keep far away, from all this mess
The path of sin, leads straight to hell
Just look at man, can’t you tell?

©January 23, 2016

The Road

I’ll trust You even more
But this is far enough
This road is rather bumpy
I think I’ve had enough

Pull over to the side
I’ll think I’ll live right here
Come back and see me soon
My Christ whom I hold dear

I think you understand
I want do grow some more
I want to do your will
And all that is in store

But let me see your will
Let me pick and choose
The things that I would want
A few I might refuse

So beep and wave each day
As You pass my place
Remember that You love me
Remember too, your grace

Someday when roads are smoother
I’ll come outside to see
If it’s time to move on down
The road of life with Thee

©January 27, 2016

Father, me a sacrifice?

Father, me a sacrifice?
That doesn’t sound, to fun or nice
Why would You, want for me
A sacrifice, to You to be?

It seems so hard, in this nice place
To only focus, on your face
All the things, this world can give
Why would I, without them live

Each thing, I’ll sacrifice to You
If you really, want me to
But sacrifice, myself instead
Do You want, my body dead?

Alive in You, and You in me
Now I kind of, sort of see
Alive to You, and not to me
My life to You, will pleasing be

Then burn away, my sinful man
Keep me still, I know You can
Cleanse me from, my every vice
I want to be, your sacrifice

©January 22, 2016


The power of our Mighty King
Is not to raise your hands and sing
But His earthly work to do
For this, His power is placed in you

You are not here, to cheer the race
You, the competitor must face
Run on, and let the others cheer
Run, and failure never fear

The power of God, resides in you
Wrestle now, He wants you to
Teach the men of God to win
Teach them how, to fight again

They must never turn aside
To find a hidden place to hide
Stand up men, Gods power in you
Empowers you, His will to do

You can raise your hands and sing
But with your song a victory bring
Then God will sing along with you
As His work on earth you do


©January 23, 2016


What will you kids remember
When they’re all grown up like you
Will it be some hurtful feeling
Or will they smile like you do

Will they remember Jesus
As He smiled through your face
Will they remember Jesus
His mercy and His grace

Will they remember Jesus
As they think of your great love
Will they remember Jesus
And look up, to God above

In you they must see Jesus
So they can then see Him
In you they must see Jesus
Or hope for them is dim

What will your kids remember
When they think about your face
Will it be you looked like Jesus
With a smile time can’t erase

©December 17, 2015


The Spirit

Not only sealed by His Spirit
But filled with Him as well
He gives me power for my living
Not just keeping me from hell

He is there, in every moment
He is there, to be my guide
He is there, to make me holy
No more my sin in me will hide

His Spirit in my heart is light
Without Him, all is darkest night
He alone is light of life
I am called to shine out bright

I will bring the light to darkness
I will shine, alone for Him
He alone is worth my living
Help my light to never dim

Let your light forever shine
Help me light and life to give
I am yours, and you are mine
May all know, in you they live

©January 18, 2016

Now free

What confidence, man has in sin
His arrogance, and evil grin
He walks head on, to death and doom
He doesn’t care, what’s in the tomb

His heart and mind, are darkened too
He doesn’t care, what he should do
So on he goes, as he goes on
The world will turn, a marathon

It all will end, he knows, someday
But, he knows not, he has a say
For God Himself, reached down to man
Including sinners, in His plan

All sinners washed, beneath the cross
Are rid of evil, sin, and dross
Now a new walk, of life and light
Now free to walk, in joy and sight

©January 16, 2016